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The Game Texture Loader is very much just as it says, a library for loading texture formats commonly used in games.

You might be wondering why another texture loading system is needed, after all we have DevIL, Corona, FreeImage and others to load images for us. In asking that question you make a good point, this library doesnt claim to do more than the 3 mentioned, infact it does alot less in some cases, however I feel it offers things the others lack, be it with licencing requirement or just simplicity of useage, which is why I set out to make this library.

GTL Features

The GTL, unlike other image loading libraries, doesnt concern its self with anything beyond loading a texture and presenting the end user with a structure from which to access the various infomation about the image loaded. Any functionality beyond that is left in the hands of the application developer as they should know best how they want to use it.

Future Plans

While the GTL is perfectly useable as it is and forefills my basic requirements work wont stop there, features I'd like to add beyond the current release are

Credits and Thanks

This library wouldnt have been possible without some help from others

Copyright © 2004, Rob Jones