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Obtaining the GTL

The GTL can be downloaded in two forms

Source has the advantage that you can compile it on a system setup other than I have with different defaults, the pre-compiled libraries however allow you do just download and link the relivent parts and go.

Both systems require that you have at least version 1.33 the boost library properly installed and on your compile path.
Currently the build options are very limited, I hope to expand apon them soon however if anyone wants to help me out by sorting out the details for building on other Win32 compilers I'll be most greatfull, you can contact me via email to the left.

Current Compiled Library Release Details

The current release is only avalible in a pre-compiled library form for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net and comes with a set of static libraries to link to which ever C-runtime your application requires.

The Libary can be downloaded from here.

Current Source Release Details

The current source release only currently supports a build enviroment is for VS.Net03.

The current sources can be downloaded from here.

Current Examples of the GTL in use.

No release is complete without some examples showing how to use the system. As for this moment 4 examples are avaible;

The Libary can be downloaded from here.

Copyright © 2004, Rob Jones